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Providing Hope, Health, & Happiness



Frequently Asked Questions
What makes LuZa CBD Different from other CBD products on the market?2022-08-30T23:40:40-05:00

At LuZa we focus on the individual, not the masses. LuZa CBD products are unique to the CBD market as we specialize in compounding products using minor cannabinoids which have been shown to be much more effective than CBD alone. Great majority of the products on the market are solely CBD or CBD with trace amounts of minor cannabinoids. As Cannabinoid Compounders™ we have made it our mission to highlight these minor cannabinoids and combine them to create high quality & effective products. We are in the business of helping people live their best life, not just selling them products.

What are Cannabinoids?2022-08-30T23:39:41-05:00

Cannabinoids are the active compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. Our bodies produce cannabinoids called,
endocannabinoids, that bind to the cannabinoid receptors that we have all over our bodies. Cannabinoids from cannabis are called phyto-cannabinoids (plant derived cannabinoids). Phyto-cannabinoids also interact with our endocannabinoids system, allowing us to use them as a supplement when our
bodies endocannabinoid production is not where it should be. When most people use the term cannabinoids the are referring to phyto-cannabinoids.

What makes minor cannabinoids so different from CBD?2022-08-30T23:38:44-05:00

Most people are familiar with the cannabinoids CBD & THC but few know about the other Cannabinoids.  These other cannabinoids are called minor cannabinoids, as the occur in very small amount in the cannabis plant. The benefits CBD has to offer have been popular. We call CBD a jack of all trades, master of none.  CBD is a good all around preventative and for mild ailments. This is because, on a basic level, CBD blocks the breakdown of our own endocannabinoids, allowing our bodies to use more of our natural endocannabinoids. The Minor Cannabinoids interact directly with specific receptors in our body which is why their effectiveness is much more specific to meet certain needs. There are over 100 different minor cannabinoids that have been identified, some examples of the minor cannabinoids we work with are CBN, CBG, CBGa, CBDv, THCv, Delta 8, &

We use CBD or CBDa full spectrum extract as a base for most of our products as it is the whole plant extract full of cannabinoids & phytonutrients. That is where majority of CBD companies stop but we have taken our products much further for greater effectiveness and specialized results.  We have isolated many of the minor cannabinoids that have very strong properties for specific needs/ailments.

How does LuZa create their formulas?2022-08-30T23:37:53-05:00

TJ & Crystal have spent years researching patents and papers on cannabinoids from the US, Israel, & Europe and have used all of this knowledge to carefully select & combine these cannabinoids to produce effective products to meet your needs.

What if my product is not as effective as I was hoping for?2022-08-30T23:36:52-05:00

How each person’s body utilize cannabinoids is very unique, therefore dosing and cannabinoid combinations is going to be different for each person. What works for one person may not work for another. We offer free phone consultations to assist you on your journey to health.

What is Made for Me™?2022-08-30T23:35:53-05:00

Made for Me is our Custom CBD Formulation service. It starts with a free consult to discuss your wishes and needs for your CBD product. After your phone consult TJ & Crystal discuss the combination of cannabinoids that would best meet your needs. Then TJ goes to the lab to create your one-of-a-kind, custom bottle of
cannabinoids, which will be mailed to you the following day. The best part of all is, Crystal is available to call or text if you have any questions along the way.

If your formula is not quite as effective as you had hoped, she will assist you with recommendations. We also have the ability to make adjustments to your bottle.
This means no more bottles sitting around half-full or wasting time taking something that is not helping you. We keep accurate records of everything we have formulated that way when a product is working for you we can replicate it and/or enhance it.

Are your product third party tested?2024-01-24T15:19:11-06:00

All of our raw extracts & oils are tested prior to formulation of our products in the lab. They are not only tested for potency but also for contaminants. Due to the thousands of combinations of products we offer, final product testing would be cost prohibitive. See our testing page for our raw extract & oils testing.

What type of extraction does LuZa use?2022-08-30T23:34:10-05:00

Most of our products are extracted with Patented Terpene extraction. Others are extracted via CO2 Extraction.

Do you offer any other products or services?2022-08-30T15:30:23-05:00

Through our network of practitioners and physicians we have access to many different products & services that combine well with our products and have been
found to be highly effective, if needed. Additionally,  we have our sister company, Victoria’s Pet Nutrition, where we offer a wide variety of all natural supplements, treats, and food for your pets. Check us out at or call 920-923-1991.

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